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Connie Castro Jackson, who passed in December of 2020 at the age of 84, was born in the San Joaquin Valley labor camps of California during the Great Depression, to a white woman who had fled Oklahoma's Dust Bowl and a Filipino man who worked beside her in the camps.


From a very early age, Ms. Jackson recognized in herself a profound ability to see spirits and went on to build quite a career, not only as a channeler who counseled clients but as someone who could "cleanse" buildings and put wandering souls to rest.

Connie Castro Jackson

This is an inspiring and revealing story of a remarkable life that explores Connie's spiritual awakening and the development of her psychic abilities. She discusses painful and heartbreaking events with honesty and clarity, encouraging readers to view their own lives in the same way. Her lessons come from her heart, are laced with humor, tinged with salty language, and loaded with insight. All come across as an engaging visit with a trusted friend.

The book moves back and forth between Ms. Jackson's life and upbringing--her struggles with racism and a sense of inferiority--and her advice for navigating life and the world. As much a treatise on self-growth as it is an exploration of spiritualism and the metaphysical, Cut Open the Sky is packed with information on a range of subjects from meditation to spiritual questing to numerology.


The book is at once a compelling tale, a heartwarming embrace from a talented empath, and a resource full of expansive wisdom for anyone who is interested in the spirit realm or in exploring the spiritual side of themselves.

A Note from the Author

You might have read my previously published copy of Connie Castro Jackson’s story. If you liked that book, then you’ll love reading this second edition even more!

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