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When I retired from a teaching career I loved, I knew I would miss the daily company of kids, their bright minds, and the way they interpreted their worlds. Now, I’ve been blessed with grandchildren who are my joy.


And I’ve immersed myself in writing words and winnowing out thought processes that make people tick -- which are my passions. Everyone has a story and if I can write it, share it, and give someone else a leg up on understanding themselves, my job will be done.


Lifelong learning is one of my goals and always having the company of four-legged furries is my game plan. They keep me grounded and active – though sometimes completely frustrated and exhausted. A bit like human toddlers but without the diapers.


I have spent my whole life, so far, in middle California in the San Francisco Bay Area. My husband and I raised two successful daughters, now with families of their own. We currently live with Sophie the Goldendoodle and twin orange male tabbies.

Corliss & Connie Photo Credit: Morgan Jenkins Photography

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