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Updated: Jun 6

SPRING FEELS more to me like the beginning of the new year than January 1 does. My vegetable garden is in, small but mighty, and the shrubs and flowers are either trimmed and shaped or replaced. I’m as astonished and giddy to see plants and trees pushing out bits of green, as if I’ve never seen new shoots before. After such a long rainy season, which we Californians are so grateful for, Spring this year brought renewed energy.


My stalwart companions keep me company and make me laugh with their antics, not just in the garden, but every day. Please meet the twin orange tabbies, Bruno and Gus, and my doodle Sophie. The cats are rescues. I am an advocate of no-kill rescue sites, and a contributor to our local facilities. My family donates regularly to well-vetted rescue organizations in our area in honor of each of our birthdays. A win for all. Shelters all over the country are full to capacity with animals people adopted during the COVID lockdown and have since decided they no longer want. I hope you will dig deep into your pockets and make a donation to your local shelter. You’ll be helping to save the lives of these abandoned house pets who are now dependent on the greater community through no fault of their own.


Cut Open the Sky has reached many readers who have let me know they enjoyed reading about Connie’s life and the lessons she shared. These comments make my heart sing, and I want to take this chance to say thank you for everyone who has written a review on the book’s behalf. Writing Connie’s story opened up a whole new world for me, and I am so grateful.

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