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Manifesting Sophie

I want to talk about my dogs.

In July of 2018, our beloved Australian shepherd Olivia crossed that rainbow bridge, and I was distraught. Intelligent, with a vocabulary close to one hundred words—receptive, not expressive—she responded to about a dozen hand signals and followed commands like a fine-tuned machine.

Olivia the Australian Shepherd

We practiced on our front lawn. She loved having a job and following commands. Neighbors stopped on their walks to watch her. She was gorgeous, black and white like a border collie and ran like a thoroughbred.

After almost a year, I realized I was no good without a dog. Replacement wasn’t an option. I wanted a dog who was completely different from Olivia. No comparisons, no saddling the next dog with trying to fill the big paws of her predecessor.

One of my favorite parts of this story is Connie Jackson’s hand in it. When Connie and I worked on Cut Open the Sky, she was clear about thoughts becoming intentions and messages to the Universe. This is how we manifest our desires.

From Connie:

“The ability to manifest is part of your power. Put your desire out to the Universe in your thoughts and let go without expectation. But you must let go in order to manifest what you want. When my friend got a new Lexus, she picked me up and took me for a ride. I thought “OH MY GOD, I want a Lexus”. Then, I didn’t think about it anymore. A few days later, I went to the bank, and as I was parking a young man backing out rammed my car. Suddenly, I had no car, and in my reality, I couldn’t afford to run down and buy a Lexus. I called my good friend who owned a Toyota dealership. I said if you can give me a good deal on a Toyota, I will come and see you today. He said “Connie I don’t sell Toyotas anymore. I have a Lexus dealership.”

Connie bought a car that day.

I thoroughly believe in rescuing pets over buying them from breeders—we have always rescued our kitties—but I wanted a friendly breed known for gentleness with kids and other animals. And so, into our lives loped Sophie. The cutest baby goldendoodle I had ever seen. Of course, what puppy isn’t?

Sophie the Goldendoodle

Sophia, it turns out, is in love with all kids, plays with the cats and loves other dogs. She minds sometimes. If the mood strikes her. She teases me and looks up through her eyebrows, letting me know she’ll think about rolling over but maybe later. She is silly and makes me laugh. She snuggles and watches movies with me. Walks are a colossal meet and greet. She is perfect.

I had been reading about breeds of dogs, looking for a good personality fit, and the doodles seemed likely. I had met a man with one at Starbucks, and was sold. In the summer of 2019, my husband and I took a ride down the coast highway toward Bodega Bay. I was feeling such an anxious pull toward Bodega Bay that day.

Turns out puppy brain was making me almost vibrate. I didn’t mean to be such a force, as there was really no rush. Then we came around a curve in the road to face a huge sign, Mystic Doodles. I nearly fainted. I think my husband stepped on the accelerator. We made a deal, if we stopped for lunch first, we would drive back and knock on their door. Just a recon mission, no actual decision making involved. Heck no.

The proprietress took a long time to open the door. She explained they don’t often let people in without appointments, and that she had been taking the time to read my energy. I was instantly sold on this woman who was tuned in to energy and protective of her dogs. Her home was spotless and beautiful.

After a tour and many questions, she asked us for a favor—evidently, we had passed inspection. She had twelve puppies out in a large grassy area getting exercise and sun and would we watch them for twenty minutes. Would we, oh yes!!

I sat on the ground, covered in wiggly cute four leggers while one sat off to the side and watched. When the crowd tired of me and moved on, this one little girl walked up my legs and settled in.

I had manifested my Sophie.

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