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Did you know, good reviews from readers

give books wings to fly?

If a book has more than 50 reviews, Amazon will list it in newsletters and other promotions. Imagine!

Reviews are the best way to let an author know you enjoyed their book and thank them for sharing their years of work.

AND reviews can be short! “I liked it” is just fine.

It is the number of reviews that matters the most.

Here’s how to leave a review

  1. Search for Cut Open the Sky

  2. Scroll down to Product Detail;Then Customer reviews

  3. Click on #of reviews

  4. Scroll to Review This Product

  1. Search for Cut Open the Sky

  2. Scroll down until you see author photo

  3. In the box to the right see “Write a review” and click

  1. Search Cut Open the Sky

  2. On the left see a box that says Review and click

Just so you know, Amazon won’t accept reviews unless you have an active Amazon account and have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the past year.

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