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First sight of Cut Open the Sky

When I was almost eight years old, my dad shook my shoulder and woke me up. He had never done that before. I was groggy and confused. Then I saw what he was holding. A gangly, long legged, bright-eyed puppy. My emotions exploded. I was laughing with tears flowing--scared the heck out of Dad. That memory flashed as I felt the excitement of opening the box with the first pre-sale copies of Cut Open the Sky. The books were covered in paper inside the box. I sat on the floor with the carton flaps open and took in the moment before I unwrapped. Maturity has tempered my emotional responses, but still, it was one of those few times in life I will never forget. Carefully, I lifted off the paper cocooning the book on top, feeling elation mixed with awe. Black Rose Writing contracted to publish this book, did a beautiful job on the cover, and here it was. I’m so excited to lift this story out into the world.

Writing things like this newsletter is not something I ever expected to have to do when I decided to write a book. I expected to be escorted to readings in a stretch limosine, people tossing roses on my path. Haha! Not really! But, honestly, I had no clue how much work it is to get a book in front of people once the hard work of writing, revising, editing, and finding a publisher is finally out of the way. The rest of it, it turns out, is actually up to the author. You have to become an entrepreneur, and the book is the product you are selling.

Somebody forgot to tell the universe that I am not a salesman.

Still, gratitude rules, and because of that, I'm doing my part, writing a newsletter, putting my face out in the world on social media, and (gulp!) making plans for a public book launch party, interviews, and all kinds of things I never imagined doing with my life here on earth.

All of which is to say, I hope you don't mind being along for the ride. If you are receiving this, it is because I know you well enough to know you wouldn't mind being on my list, or you have actually signed up on my website.

Either way, if you ever decide you don't want these little snippets of writing from me, please, please do let me know.

Meantime, one thing I am learning right now is the importance of PRE-ORDERS to the world of publishing, so if you would please be so kind as to go to to place your order, and enter PREORDER2022 to receive a 15% discount on the cover price. The books will ship October 20--which means SOON!

Thank you for being part of the journey. And pardon me while Sophie and I go back to swooning over Cut Open the Sky's beautiful cover.

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