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Book Signing on New Year’s Eve Day

What a way to kick off the New Year! I was having too much fun to remember to take pictures, but I spent New Year’s Eve Day, at Angel Heart 4 You, the cute all-things-psychic shop in Benicia, California. You might recall my newsletter from early November where I wrote about the building that houses this shop. I was the lone author invited to host a book signing amidst a stellar group of psychic readers on their last day of 2022 Psychic Fair.

Tucked in among the displays of crystals, jewelry, candles, gifts and more, were tables set up for one-on-one intuitive readings. The day was organized into fifteen-minute time slots and clients ordered any number of slots with their preferred reader. Every fifteen minutes, a bell rang and the clients moved aside to let the next scheduled person sit down. I noticed a well-organized chart on the counter where the reservations for readings were listed and carefully monitored.

Patrons walked away from these conversations with smiles and hugs. People shopped while they waited for a second reservation. One highlight for me was in a baby stroller. As I peeked in, the cutest puppy peeked out. Seven weeks old, a mini-Pomeranian, so cute he did not appear real.

At one point during the event, I looked at a picture of the ghost who shows up in the ancient elevator. The shape is shadowy, but I saw clearly a large man-shaped figure sporting a wide brimmed hat, and what looks like a bandana tied in front. He is facing through the metal scrollwork on the elevator door. People have said they think he looks like the original owner of the building who ran the bar.

The day was wonderful and fulfilling. My daughter came by to help set up, which turned out to be unnecessary because my spot was ready with a with a tablecloth sporting the same colors as the book cover! Having her there with me made the day complete. We met many lovely folks. I connected with people who were interested both in the book and the story of how it came to be. Also, I was thrilled to see friends, catch up, and swap stories about our mutual friend Connie Jackson.

Definitely I entered the new year with a fresh attitude about Cut Open the Sky's entrance into the world, and real gratitude for all the journey has brought to me so far. I thank you for your continued support of this project and wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Much love,

Corliss Corazza

P.S. The scene above is literally a 60-second walk from Angel Heart 4 You!

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